premDAT's latest evolutions

Dear premDAT users,

Thanks to your feedbacks, the platform has been improved in many areas.


Pages load much, much faster now that I've removed a few bottlenecks!

Layout improvements

The layout of premDAT has been refined a bit everywhere. Some places - such as the Force-Directed Graph - still require some work, so don't be surprised if you discover bugs.


Many feedbacks pointed that the platform was not very attractive, nor was its goal easy to understand. To answer this problem, one solution was to implement a "task" - or "challenge" - system that would guide you. No gamification badges yet, but it is not impossible that I implement them to distinguish those who complete tasks!


premDAT is now able to notify users of the platform's activities and sends them e-mail. If you do not want to be bothered by premDAT, go to your profile and simply disable all the annoying notifications. Please note that some of the notifications are not implemented yet. The global system works, but I still need some time before it is completed.

A load of other changes

I can't keep track of all changes since two months, as more than one hundred of commits (little chunks of code) have been pushed online since the first test began. I hope that the changes will renew your engagement on the platform! Stay tuned for more changes in the next weeks.


Pierre (aka Anubis Vlad Tepas)

posted: 7/17/2019, 12:29:09 PM